Thursday, October 07, 2004

Baby Gaston has arrived!!!

Baby Gaston is finally here!

Name: Luke Warren Gaston
Born on: October 7th, 2004
At: 12:36 pm
Weight: 8 lb, 9.2 oz
Length: 19.5 inches
Status: Mom, Dad, and Luke are tired after a VERY long day and a half, but doing just fine.
Should be home on: Sunday/Monday
Additional comments: After laboring all through the night but not making enough progress, Luke was born via C-section. Nana says he has just a little hair on the back of his head--we'll have to wait to see if it's red!

I have actually typed this message up in advance, basically just a simple "fill in the blank" type thing so that all my brother has to do is type in the information and publish. You will get a more complete and "intelligent" message whenever I get home and have a chance (goodness knows when that will be).

Pictures should be available at Webshots sometime this weekend, possibly as soon as Friday or as late as Sunday. Just depends on how things go. (There are absolutely NO pictures there yet, so don't bother checking.) Use this URL: Enjoy!

Love to you all,
Erin, i.e. Mommy (posted by her brother, Jacob)

Note from Jacob: Sorry it took so long to get the announcement out, but because of the C-Section, Erin did not get a chance to officially name Luke until just a few minutes ago. I spoke with her very briefly, and besides sounding VERY tired (understandably!) she's doing just fine. Thank you for all of your love and prayers!

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