Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cleanliness is next to....

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Well, whatever it's next to, it isn't my son! Today was the third "nail in the coffin" for Luke being able to be trusted to go to his room, take a shower, and brush his teeth. The conversation:

Me: Did you brush your teeth?
Luke: Yes.
Me: (sniffs his breath, does not smell mint) Did you use toothpaste?
Luke: (dead silence, no eye contact)

REALLY??!!!  This comes on the heels of having to tell him sometime in August that YES, he has to use soap every time he takes a shower. And just last week, he got out of the shower, and the top of his head wasn't even wet. "Did you wash your hair?" I got a very indignant "yes, I put the shampoo right back here" (pointing to the inch of hair at the base of his neck). ARGH!!

So I have now added yet a third item to my standard spiel:
  • Wash your entire external body with soap and water.
  • Every hair on your head needs to come into contact with both water and shampoo.
  • Your teeth do not count as brushed and clean unless you use toothpaste.
And for the record, for someone who whines and complains so much about bath time, he sure does spend an awfully long time (as in 20-30 minutes) in the shower and complaining if we come and tell him it's time to get out.
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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Fall 2014 - First Soccer Game

Well, school has started back, and that means the return of soccer!

We're back with our "regular" team, including two boys we've played with every single season (that we've played) since Kindergarten, and a third boy we've been with since 1st grade. It was brutal out there! The temperature itself was quite warm but not insane (around 90F/32C), but the humidity was sky high, it was mostly bright and sunny, and there was not a whiff of breeze.

They played pretty well, and we did win, but our opponents were much younger and smaller (one kid didn't even reach the top of Luke's shoulder). I'm betting most games going forward will be more of a challenge.

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