Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The End of an Emoticon Era

I've noticed over the past few months that I have been having trouble seeing the emoticons on the "currently feeling" tagline at the end of each entry. I figure if I'm having trouble, others are, too. And so, beginning in 2016, I will no longer be using the tagline or the emoticons. At least, I'm going to try. (I might miss them too much, we'll see.) I hate for my huge collection to sit unused, but I also hate for them not to make any sense because they are too small to see. Wishing you a fond farewell, emoticons. I really enjoyed you!
Currently feeling: already missing my friends

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Joy to the World, and All the Crazy People

Just received this text and photo from my husband. "Joy to the World! Crazy lady at gas station threw rock at my car when I refused to give her a ride. Policeman was more than happy to give her one."

Of all the things threatening the demise of this car (seatbelt, window, headlight), I can't believe "crazy lady throws rock at windshield" is what will be the final straw. But I have to get a job before we can get a new car.
Currently feeling: not a happy camper