Thursday, June 29, 2006

Time is not on my side

Credit: Jo's Blinkie Obsession

I was reading on someone else's blog recently about the irony of blogging and time. When you have plenty of time to blog, you have nothing to say. When you have plenty to talk about, you don't have the time. I'm sure things will smooth out soon enough. I'm just feeling really off-kilter at the moment. I'm sure that is partly due to going out of town last weekend, but not completely. I'm just feeling.... scattered, I think, is the best term for it. Anyway, I'll get it all worked out eventually. In the mean time, check out my latest layout: Unkie.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

For Cat - Erin's Digi-Scrapping Primer

Okay, this next entry goes out to Cat, who asked in a comment about how to get started in digital scrapbooking. Well, I certainly cannot even begin to claim to be an expert, since I am only about 3-4 months into this little escapade myself. But I will be happy to share what I have learned to this point. I will also mention a few things that I wish I had known when I started out. If you aren't really interested in digital scrapping, then you can probably stop reading this entry right now. That is all this post talks about. :-) I promise to get back to non-scrapping topics next time. I'm just excited to share what I have learned with someone who actually asked.

First and foremost, I have found scrappers to be just as warm and friendly as the stitching community, which is great. They are very helpful, and they offer lots of free stuff!! Which is great when you are just getting started. In fact, several scrappers I know make their layouts using freebies only. They have never purchases a single thing! I went almost 3 months without buying anything. Then my brother gave me some money to spend on "something frivolous for myself," so I purchased some kits. And it has been hard to stop, especially with all of the awesome sales going on recently! LOL Also, if you find a designer you like, be sure you email them and tell them so. You never know what might happen! I complimented one designer on her style, saying how much I liked it since it wasn't frilly and froufrou (I'm not much of a girly-girl) and how difficult it was to find boyish kits (as I have a little boy), and she sent me one of hers for free. Just for emailing her and saying something nice!! I'm not saying this will happen to you, but you just never know. Be nice, be complimentary, be helpful, participate, and good things happen. (I think this also goes by the name of Karma, LOL!)

The best place to start: visit some of the digital scrapping sites that are around. Just Google "digital scrapbooking" and you'll get a zillion hits, I promise. Most sites have shops, galleries, and forums, and they are a wealth of information. Registration is almost always free, though some sites have special sections just for paying members as well (I belong to two myself) that offer additional downloads and special deals. You can often find links to other sites, which lead to more sites, and off you go. You will find lots of info and tutorials, as well as freebies (or links to them). PSA (Public Service Announcement, a.k.a. begin soapbox): Digital scrapbooking freebies are the same as free downloadable stitching charts as far as copyright info goes. You cannot download a copy for yourself, then give it to someone else. Do not give direct links to the zip file, just send them to the same page you got it from! See this site for details: Stop Digital Piracy (End soapbox.)

Next is graphics software. If you already have some, then you should be all set. If not, the BBs can give you all kinds of pros and cons on each type. Obviously, people have their favorites, so take some of it with a grain of salt. Read up on each one, do a little research on your own, and see if there is a trial version you can download before you decide. I use Paint Shop Pro (um, version 8, I think), primarily because it came with my computer! And despite a moderate learning curve, I have quickly gotten the hang of it. My mother uses Photoshop Elements 3.0 (actually, she may have 4.0 now; I can't remember), and she likes it fine. I have that as well for some photo manipulation stuff, and I find it insanely frustrating for scrapping, so it really does vary by person what is "best." I would say that these two, plus the full Photoshop (mucho bucks) and Digital Image Pro (by Microsoft, IIRC) are the four most popular ones. DO NOT use Microsoft Paint (comes for free under the accessories menu). It just doesn't have the necessary power and features. While it is certainly possible to scrap using it, I really don't think you will be happy with the end results.

Once you have graphics software, and lots of available hard drive space, start downloading freebies! For the record, including my purchases, I have over 40GB (that is not a typo, forty gigabytes) of stuff downloaded. Yes, I do need to start culling! May I also recommend at least a CD burner, if not a DVD burner, for backing up all of your files, both your downloads and your layouts. PSA: Always always always leave a comment or reply to say thank you to the person providing the freebie, if it is at all possible. It is just polite. (This is something I didn't even think to do when I first started, and I am so embarrassed about it now!) Stores will often offer "samples" for free, so look under that category. Scrapping blogs are also good places to get freebies. I have links to several of my favorite sites in the sidebar of my scrapping blog, if you are interested. I also try to post any really awesome freebies I run across in my posts, so check the archives. PLEASE NOTE: I am just a happy customer promoting sites and designers and products I personally like and use. I am not on any creative teams, the designers have not asked me to do this, and I do not get any kickbacks. It's just me sharing what I like in the hopes that it helps someone else. (That is the long version of the common stitching BB notation "no affiliation, blah blah." LOL)

As far as how to organize these things once you have them, I have nothing to recommend! I'm still working on that myself. *Always* keep the terms of use (and read them if you use something from the kit!!), and make sure you know what kit and which designer each and every paper and element came from so you can provide proper credit! It works just like a report you wrote in school. There, you credit each and every book you used for research by title and author. It is the same thing here. Credit each and every piece of any and every kit you used, including where you got it from (though watch out in some of the online galleries at some of the sites; you are not allowed to mention other sites by name, but you should always name the kit and the designer). If you use a photograph that does not belong to you, make sure you have permission to use it (i.e. don't go surfing through Webshots and downloading random pictures; you can email them and ask permission, but if they say no or you don't hear back, you CANNOT use it), and always credit the photographer. This is what I did for my Peepers layout. I emailed Melanie to ask if I could use the photo, and she is credited with taking it.

Kits come in a variety of styles and colors and such, usually containing some papers and a few elements, such as ribbons, tags, frames, rivets, overlays, photo corners/prongs, etc. Each paper and/or element is usually contained in a separate file. All you then have to do is open your photo and each element you want to use in your graphics software, and layer them, just as you would in traditional scrapping (or so I am told; I have never ever scrapped anything in paper in my entire life!). How this is done varies from program to program, but that is the basic process. Line them all up, resizing if necessary, placing everything where you want it, then "flatten" and save the file into some printable format (usually jpg, sometimes png or tiff). You will want the end file to be big enough that it contains at least 200, but no more than 300, pixels per inch of the printed size you are after. So, if you want the end print to be 4 inches by 6 inches, aim for it to be 1200x1800 pixels when it is finished. (I read this thing four times before I posted it, and still didn't catch the mistake until the next day! I originally had 1200x1600, which would leave you rather short, or with a cropped layout. Sorry! I'm an engineer, and I can do math, really.) You want it to be at least 800x1200 pixels (that one is correct), or you will really start to lose image quality. Prefer to scrap square? An 8x8 printed layout should be 2400x2400 pixels when complete. It is okay to create it larger and shrink it. Do not attempt to create it smaller and then blow it up. You won't be happy with the end result.

After that, it really is just trial and error, trying new things and learning your software. I do recommend that you learn the following commands, and their keystroke shortcuts: select (especially shapes (if applicable) and magic wand or lasso), copy, paste to new layer, move, resize, crop, shape cutter (if you have one; not all programs do), and text block. I think blend and brushes would also be useful, but I haven't learned those myself yet. Oh, and sign up for newsletters! Sometimes you have to register at the stores for that, but again, registration is almost always free. (You may have to click "log in" at the top of the store page to bring up the registration form.) Just check the newsletter box at the end of the registration form. Newsletters rock, let me tell you. They have great tips and tricks, usually contain freebies, and you'll get notified of any upcoming sales (in case you are in a shopping mood!). If you don't like them, you can always unsubscribe later with no harm done.

Can't think of what to do or how to arrange things? Uses sketches or scraplift someone else's layout. They are essentially the same thing. A sketch is like a map, indicating where the photos, papers, elements, and journaling (text) should go. Always credit the sketch artist! You didn't come up with the design yourself, so don't take credit for it. Credit the creator with the inspiration. Scraplifting is just taking an actual layout someone else made and copying the basic construction. Again, credit the person you got the idea from! Something like "Scraplifted from *TITLE* by *PERSON*," and provide a link to the original work if you can. I will admit that I have severe trouble trying to come up with a layout design on my own (the exception being my brother's graduation announcement), and my layouts are almost exclusively scraplifts or from sketches. Browse the galleries! There's all kinds of awesome layouts in them. And it is polite to leave a nice comment if you find one you like.

If you want to stretch your skills and maybe move outside your comfort zone, try some of the challenges offered on the sites. They range from including quotes to sketches to color, and everything in between. I have found them immensely rewarding. I will also admit that I am unlikely to participate just because, or in the hopes of going into a drawing to win a prize. Lots of sites have "participation prizes," so as long as you meet the challenge criteria and upload your qualifying layout to the right gallery (they will tell you which one), you get a little prize. Usually a mini-kit or a paper pack, but it is a great way to build your collection *and* get some layouts done. Online chats and crops also commonly provide freebies for just showing up, so check those out, too. I am just now starting to participate in a few chats, and they are fun.

Anyway, I hope that helps, if not Cat then someone else. I think I'll post this on my scrapping blog, too, so forgive me if you see it twice. Thanks for letting me ramble on (and on and on) about my new hobby! If anyone has any other questions, feel free to ask. Clearly, I don't mind answering, LOL!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fantastic Johnny Depp Article


Been a while since I posted an article, so here it is: a Newsweek article on Johnny Depp. If you like him at all, you will love this article. It is simply fantastic.

And now, I am going to bed, where I should have been hours ago.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

The Pink Kitty

Credit: No credit required

We were in Target yesterday, and naturally, DH and Luke went to visit the toys while I picked up the things we actually were shopping for. When I returned to the toy section to retrieve them, they were on the baby toy aisle. They were looking at the Little People sets (opposite the infant toys, for some reason), and I saw the cutest, softest pink kitten with white and purple trim, marked with a bright orange "clearance" sticker on its tag. My friend Leah is having a girl (due the second week of October), and I've been eyeing these little toys for a while now, and here they are over half off. They also have doggies, but they are white with blue trim; clearly meant for little boys. Only one kitty, though, so I pick it up and put it in the basket.

As soon as Luke saw it, he started saying "mew, mew" (which is his "word" for kitty). Then he starts fussing for it. Great. Here Luke, we'll get you one of the puppies! They look practically the same; mainly just a difference in the shape of the ears (and the coloring, obviously). I'm not objecting to it being a kitty, or even being pink for that matter, I just intended the cat for Leah! Nope, he was having none of that. Handed him the kitty, he started mewing at it and babbling to it and loving on it. Great. The only freakin' kitty in the place, and he wants it. Not the cute little puppy that looks almost the same (though he didn't mew at it, so they clearly look more different than I thought), but the pink kitty. He held on to it and played with it in the cart, he fussed when we gave it to the cashier to pay for it, and he held it all the way home in the car. So now I have to find something else to go in my gift basket for her. And my son is very attached to his new pink kitty.

Two quick scrapping things. #1: To Cat (the person who left me a comment, not the feline), I am not ignoring your comment, I am just working diligently on a real answer for you! Look for it in the next few days. #2: New layout posted. Just cracked it out real fast. I don't love it, but I like it fine. First Father's Day.

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Medieval Needle

I bet that title caught the attention of my stitching buddies! Many of you know Melanie Simmonds, a.k.a. Medieval Needle. You probably also know that she (well, okay, her mother) has a new cat named Peepers, who is black and white and named for some of the most gorgeous green eyes you have ever seen. She posted a photo of Peepers on her blog recently that I totally fell in love with. I knew pretty much exactly what I wanted to do with it, so I asked her permission to use it in a scrapping layout, and she said yes. So here it is: Peepers. Enjoy!

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Sticker Shock

First, a quick brag on myself. My layout of Connie and Jaime's wedding was featured at R U Square, since I used one of her sketches. How cool! I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog post....

I know that I ultimately should not be surprised. It was bound to happen sometime. Still, it caught me a little off guard. It also tells you how little I actually drive these days. I went to the doctor today (nothing wrong, just a check-up, and my blood pressure was only 128/80, which is really good for me!), and I noticed on the way that my car had less than a quarter of a tank left. We'll ignore the fact that I was in my car to begin with. It's the only one with a car seat, so I should have driven DH's car, but I didn't think of it until I was leaving the doctor. Oops!

Anyway, I decided to go on and get gas on my way home. I pulled in, popped the cover, and glanced at the pump while I was unscrewing the cap. I just rolled my eyes when I saw what the previous person had paid. "What kind of idiot drives the kind of car that costs $45 to fill up?" I thought. Then I noticed the total number of gallons pumped. Just over 15. If I'd just stopped to think for a second about what current gas prices are, I wouldn't have thought anything of it, but Noooo, I go jumping to conclusions. For the record, *my* car holds 16 gallons (Toyota Camry). So how much did it cost me to fill up my car, you ask? $41.

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Friday, June 16, 2006

My first chat

I finally participated in my first successful chat tonight. I've done the IM thing, and I use Google's chat feature occasionally to converse with my brother, but I've never successfully done the full-scale chat thing online before. (The one time I tried before, it kept kicking me out of the chat. I couldn't stay "in the room" for more than about 10 seconds, so I gave up.) Wow, how confusing! But I got through it. And I have the free kits to prove it! They asked everyone to create layouts using the free kits as a thank you, so I did. I actually did two, one for each free kit. Hey, they are large and awesome kits! I wanted to show my appreciation. :-) One is of my best friend's wedding from June 2004, Connie and Jaime. The other is pretty self-explanatory: Luke, Day One. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Granny, Layout, and 101

Just some snippets this time. I'm too tired for much else. I think Luke and I have a bit of a tummy bug, as neither of us seemed to feel very good today, and I think he was running a minor fever this afternoon. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.
* My grandmother is being moved back to her retirement home tomorrow. She is not doing quite as well as she was last time I posted, but all of her doctors think that the best thing for her right now is to get back in the environment she is familiar with. That should help tremendously with her confusion, and when the confusion clears, she should be able to take all of her meds by mouth without issue. I'll keep you posted.
* I have posted a new layout on my scrapping blog, called Outside.
* I knocked two more items off of my 101 list. #51: Buy a new vacuum (which is amazing!) and #100: Frame my Disney lithograph. 40% off coupons do wonders for that sort of thing.

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Officially sucked in!

In order to prevent it from taking over my blog, I have created a new blog for my digital scrapbooking, if you are interested. If you want to see all of the layouts I have done to this point, just click on the June archives link on the right.

I'll try to remember to post here when I've put up a new layout, but I can't promise. And exceptionally good or topical layouts (like, say, Luke's birthday or something) will still make an appearance here. So yes, I think that makes it official: I am hopelessly sucked in to this new hobby!

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Some good Granny news!

Just received from Mom:

"Good news! I just spoke to Jackie's nurse to get a morning report. She is doing
better. She is aware of where she is and is asking appropriate questions. She is taking her medicines by mouth very cooperatively. Her hemoglobin level (how much iron is in the blood to carry oxygen) is down a little and they may just watch it rather than give more blood. If she continues this good over the course of the day, they may transfer her to the stepdown unit. She still has a lot of healing to do, but overall, she is much improved over last week. Glad to get to bring you a good report!"

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

She's now having mental problems

I'm too tired to say much more, though in all honesty, I don't really know much more. Here is the latest word on my grandmother, via my mother. I'll keep you updated as I get more.

Oh, and for those who have asked, Granny is my father's mother, but Mom is doing the medical interpretation, so she actually does most of the emails and informational calls.

"Yesterday afternoon Jackie had an episode of confusion lasting about 2-3 hours. I was hoping she had just had a really bad dream that took her a little while to sort out. We were able to reorient her by answering her questions and remeinding her of the events of the last two weeks. We were taking Jacob back to the Jacksonville Airport today when Rufus sent out this email. I have talked to Jackie's nurse. She is more confused than she was yesterday. She is somewhat paranoid and is refusing to take her medicines. The doctor has ordered Ativan (through her IV) which should help her to calm down and, hopefully, be more cooperative. I have no explanation for you, except that it is not unusual for elderly patients to become confused and uncooperative after an extended stay in ICU."

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Cautiously optimistic

Thus is the state of things with my grandmother at the moment.

I arrived late Wednesday night in Savannah (significantly cheaper flight than Jacksonville or Brunswick), where Mom picked me up and drove me home (i.e. my parents' house). BTW, I had a total fan-girl moment at the airport, *and* I had a first class ticket and didn't know it, but I'll save those stories for later. We had already planned a trip to Waycross to see my grandmother at the retirement home Thursday afternoon.

Thursday morning while trying to get my birthday corrected at the social security office (did I tell you that story?) and being royally ticked upon finding out that the person I asked about necessary documentation had lied to me, my father's cell phone rang. Granny had a major GI (gastro-intestinal) bleed. They had called 911 and were sending her to the hospital. We ran home, hastily packed our bags, and prayed we would make it to Waycross before it was too late.

Things were very very bad when we arrived, to the point that my mother (the RN) was convinced that she wouldn't make it out of the ER. To the point that she called my brother, already booked on a flight for Friday evening and basically said "get on a plane right now and you might make it before it is too late." But even through all that, Granny clearly knew who we all were, even me, and she hadn't seen me since March. It made me very very glad that my husband had convinced me to go. Even once she got up to CCU (cardiac care unit), it was still bad and scary. I picked up Jacob at the Jacksonville airport (a 90-minute trip one way), and by the time we got back, she seemed a little teeny bit better (at least her face now had some color to it). She also clearly recognized Jacob, even calling him Dr. Warren, which we all took as a good sign of her mental state (he only graduated 2 weeks ago), despite being somewhat upsetting because we realized that, to a certain extent, she was aware of what was happening, which had to be very very frustrating for her.

We went out to dinner with my grandfather, and though we had a good time enjoying each other's company, it was obvious we were all just waiting for the phone to ring. Even PaPaw commented at one point "It sure is strange for her not to be here with us. I miss her." ::sniffle, sob:: Her breathing seemed a bit better when we returned for the final visitation window of the night, but none of us wanted to get our hopes up. We were exhausted, so we slept, but I guarantee you that each of us was still subconsciously listening, waiting for the call.

However, regardless of what happened, I knew I would be getting on a plane Friday afternoon. If she was still alive, great. I would go home, hope and pray. If not, I needed to get to Atlanta to help DH get everything packed (he had already gathered most of what we needed) and to keep him from having to make that 5-6 hour drive by himself with Luke. I left Waycross with no update on her condition. We had an agreement with my parents that even if she did pass while we were gone, they would NOT call us, since Jacob would be driving back alone, and there was no sense in risking him by having him drive upset. The facts would not change based on our knowledge of them, so may as well wait.

So imagine our surprise when, as we neared the airport, both of our phones "ding" with text messages. "Good news! Talking & says she does not like not being in charge! PaPaw called her Sugarplum & assured her she is still in charge! Love, Mom" On the surface, I cannot help but be happy. She is certainly sounding more like herself, clearly she is much easier to understand today (she was virtually unintelligible Thursday), and it is at least a boost to our morale. However, I have been around the medical profession long enough to know that it is *very* common for there to be a sudden and significant improvement in those who are extremely ill just before the end. So yes, I am happy that she is doing better, but part of me is also very worried and dreading the next few days.

I had lunch with Jacob at the airport, followed by a very quiet and uneventful flight. Even got to land on the newest runway at the airport, which has only been open for about 2 weeks (and that is nowhere *near* the gates; we taxied forever!). I exchanged a few text messages with Jacob upon landing to check on things, and he said "I haven't been to the hospital yet but they say she's better than when she had her hip surgery!" Again, good on the surface, and we certainly all want her to improve, but I still have that thought niggling around in the back of my head. So I guess we'll see. I want so badly to hope, but I don't want to be crushed either if I end up at a funeral this coming week.

Anyway, we are all happy to see her doing better and more herself, though we also understand that she is still a long way from being well (and recovery from her hip surgery (i.e. to walk again) is virtually out of the question at this point). We are all exhausted (my parents in particular; thank goodness my father is done with school for the summer). We are single-handedly keeping the Waycross hotels and the Atlanta and Miami airlines in business, and our bank accounts could use a break! Please continue to keep everyone in your thoughts. Thank you all so much for your support!

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Grandmother update - not good

I had all kinds of fun things I intended to post today. Like how I *think* Luke may have said "mama" today and meant it. (I'll tell that story later. Remind me.) I was going to belatedly wish my mom a happy birthday. (I wished her one yesterday, just never got around to announcing it on my blog.) I was annoyed at this, that, and the other, and I thought about ranting. Or I was going to talk about how much I am looking forward to having a houseguest Friday night and seeing my fellow Atlanta-area stitchers. All of those things (except the petty rant) are worth mentioning, but unfortunately, I have something else that needs to be mentioned. My thanks to those who have emailed me to ask recently. I'm sorry I don't have better news to provide.

I booked a flight for tomorrow to go down and visit my grandmother. Things may not be quite that dire in terms of how long she will live, but they are deteriorating rapidly enough that if I want her to have any chance of knowing who I am or for the visit to be meaningful to her, I need to go now. Dad said that the change in her just from Friday to today was, in his terms, "more drastic than they ever could have convinced me it could be." She's lost more weight, and she didn't have it to lose in the first place. It is virtually impossible to carry on a conversation with her. She can't feed herself. Her skin is breaking down where the oxygen tubes run over her ears, and she is developing other bad skin patches that are simply refusing to heal on their own. And it is not abuse or neglect, I promise. My family has been involved with this retirement home for about 15 years now with various family members, and they take *very* good care of their residents.

Mom kept saying "but she could turn it around," but I could "hear" between the lines what she wasn't saying (which is that she doubts such a turn around is likely). She'll talk with the director tomorrow, nurse to nurse (as opposed to "director to family member") to see if she can get a better feel for things, but it just doesn't look good.

I'll leave tomorrow after DH gets off work, returning Friday mid-day. (I could drive, but that's 10-12 hours out of my life, and my family is footing the bill for the plane ticket.) I know he said I could stay the whole weekend, and I know I've already made alternate arrangements for my Friday night houseguest, just in case, but that doesn't seem quite fair, either to Steve or to Kirsten, especially if I'm just going to have to turn around and go back there in a few days or weeks. I need the mental break of this GTG so badly, so I'll just have to miss seeing Jacob. (I just saw him in May, and he's planning to spend a week up here in July, so it's not like I won't have another chance.) He can't take off work right now, so he will fly in on Friday night. I don't want to wait that long; it might be too late, if not physically then mentally.

Keep on sending that good mojo, not so much that she makes it, but that she is at peace and not in pain. No one wants that; we all just want what is best for her. For anyone who likes to have names and faces, her name is Jackie Warren, and here are a couple of photos. The first is of her first meeting with her only great-grandson. My God, the change in her since this photo was made, about 18 months ago, just brings tears to my eyes. The second is the most recent photo I have, taken when we last visited in March 2006.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Is the weekend over yet?

Why, I do declare! I believe it is finally Monday! Man, what a crummy weekend. It was one of those where nothing major or particular happened or went wrong, just a bunch of tiny little things. But when you have a small letdown or disappointment or frustration every 30-60 minutes, *all* weekend long, plus a child having multiple meltdowns per day and giving you a heart check to start the weekend, you are quite happy for it all just to be over.

Before I start this little story, allow me to state that Luke is perfectly fine! No need for anyone to have momentary heart failure like I did. He decided Friday to start the weekend off "right" by scaring me to death! He was "helping" us put up groceries in the kitchen, lost his balance, and fell, catching himself reflexively with his hands. He immediately started screaming, and when he stood up, his right hand was just hanging limp. You can imagine what went through my mind. I fiddled with it, and I couldn't tell if he was just still upset or screaming about what I was doing. He finally started moving it, and when DH said "give me five," he did so without wincing or whimpering. He then started carrying and stacking canned food (a favorite hobby), which I figure would be too heavy for him were it actually broken. It looked a little puffy, so I called my mother (the RN) just to make sure, and she declared him fine. Sure could have done without the excitement, though.

And the rest of the weekend went downhill from there. ::sigh:: Food was crummy or incorrect. What little Luke ate of it. Between meltdowns. Service was bad and/or slow no matter where we shopped. We had to buy a new vacuum. No one got a decent nap. The cats were misbehaving. Etc, etc, etc. That's all I really care to say about the rest of it. I'm just ready to forget the whole thing. As Miss Stacy and Anne noted in Anne of Green Gables, "Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it." Well, not yet.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Insert evil laugh here

Credit: SEYP

Guess who's blogging! Here's a hint.

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