Saturday, December 09, 2006

2006 Family Portraits

You may remember that we were having family portraits made over Thanksgiving. They turned out quite good, all things considered. I was not impressed with the facility, the photographers, or the portrait ordering system they had. Add to that a 2 year old being stubborn (not looking at the camera, not smiling, wanting to pick his nose, not wanting his picture made by himself, etc etc etc), and I was not a happy camper by the end of the shoot. Hope it doesn't show up too badly in the pictures. Next time we do this, it will be in Atlanta! No more of this small town ameteurs-posing-as-professionals stuff.

Currently feeling: still irritated


  1. I think those pictures came out beautiful! You look so much like your mom.

    I feel your pain. I still remember trying to get the 3 cousins photographed for Christmas last year. What a nightmare. :-|

  2. They came out beautiful. Love how everyone is color coordinated :) The last photo of your mom and dad is just *fabulous*.

  3. You have playfully mocked how my daughter looks like she missed all of my genes...but I think these family pictures show a definite "Warren family resemblance" in your son! Are you sure he got some of the Gaston genes?
    Love ya-


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