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Rufus E. Warren: March 19, 1920 - July 25, 2015

Post from July 29, 2015

Rufus, Uncle Emon, Daddy, Pa-Paw, Great-Grandpa
Obituary (click for more pictures):

Rufus Emon Warren, 95-years of age, of St. Simons Island, Georgia, passed away Saturday July 25, 2015, at Baptist Village in Waycross, Georgia. Mr. Warren was a member of the First Baptist Church of St. Simons Island, where he was a life deacon. During his 33 years with Delta Air Lines, he served as Station Manager at the St. Simons Island and Brunswick airports before transferring to a supervisory position in Atlanta, from which he retired. He was born in El Dorado, AR in 1920 and graduated from Mount Holly School in 1941. His hobbies included golf and computers, and he relished learning.

Mr.. Warren is preceded in death by his wife, Mrs. Jacqueline C. Warren, his parents, Mr. Si Tom Warren and Mrs. Ruby Britt Warren, and his brother, Mr. John Henry Warren.

Mr. Warren is survived by his two sons: Wayne A. Warren (Judith Outler Warren) of McHenry, IL and Mark O. Warren (Rita Y. Warren) of Brunswick, GA; granddaughter Judith A. "JJ" Snyder (Michael A. Snyder) of Myrtle Beach, SC; granddaughter Erin Warren Gaston (Steven K. Gaston) of Atlanta, GA; grandson Wayne A. "Mac" Warren (Carrie F. Warren) of Springfield, IL; grandson Jacob C. Warren of Statesboro, GA; grandson Hunter C. Warren (Emily R. Warren) of Cedar Lake, IN; great grandchildren Blythe E. Justen, Blaire E. Justen, Zachary G. Roberts, Hannah R. Wible, Annelyse R. Warren, Leah E. Warren, Addelyn R. Warren, Amelya R. Warren, and Luke W. Gaston; sister-in-law Melba Warren of El Dorado, AR, nephew John H. Warren (Rhonda) of El Dorado, AR, and nephew Richard D. Warren (Jenene) of El Dorado, AR; and many great-nieces, great-nephews, and other loved ones.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Cookies: A Conversation With Luke

As we enter the kitchen after dinner at Panera, he spots a fortune cookie on the counter....

L: Can I have this fortune cookie?
Me: No, you had a cookie at dinner.
L: But I didn't have a fortune cookie.
Me (more firmly): You already had a cookie at dinner.
L: But this is super crunchy! It's not even a cookie.
Me: IT HAS COOKIE IN THE NAME! It's printed right on the package!
L: But
Me. NO!
(Please tell me he's going to be a lawyer and that all this arguing is just practice for a stellar career....)

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Throwing: A Conversation With Luke

After picking up L from daycare....

DH: Tell Mommy what you were doing.
L: Writing sentences that say "I will not throw things in the classroom."
Me: What were you throwing?
L: A beanbag.
Me: Did the teacher tell you to stop and you didn't?
L: No.
Me: Did you know you weren't supposed to throw beanbags inside?
L: I wasn't throwing!
Me: Did a beanbag travel some distance by leaving your hands and ending up in someone else's hands while touching nothing but air?
L (slightly smiling but sheepish): Yes.
Me: That would be throwing.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - July 15, 2015

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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Lunch: A Conversation With Luke

At lunchtime....

Luke: I'm finished.
Me: You only ate one piece of pizza.
Luke: But it was a big piece.
Me: I know, but you usually eat at least 2 or 3.
Luke: I'm full.
Me: Are you sure? I really think you should eat one more.
Luke: I'm sure.
Me: And you won't be asking for more food in an hour?
Luke: No.
Me: (glances at clock and makes mental note of the time)
[1 hour and 4 minutes later]
Luke: Mommy, I'm hungry, can I have a snack?

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