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February 2013 Round Up and Pinspirations

Will be back-dated to 2/28/2013.

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What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
Managed to squeak in finishing The Two Towers on the last day of the month. Not sure why this one took so much longer than Fellowship. Then again, TTT is my least favorite of the films, so I guess it shouldn't be a surprise.

What movies and/or tv shows did I watch this month?
* TV Time: We are still greatly enjoying Elementary; it may well be our current favorite show. Suits is also showing again, though it ended it's winter run this month. Don't like new blonde chick, but don't think I'm supposed to, either. Rules of Engagement finally returned! We were thinking it might have been canceled, but it reappeared on the DVR all by itself. I suspect this may be the end for it, though. Also watched the Oscars, which I had forgotten were even coming on until about an hour before they aired. I didn't really have a dog in that hunt (did I even see a single film nominated for best picture? ::checks list::  nope), and I haven't been keeping up with entertainment news and such the way I usually do in the last 12-18 months, so it was just a lot of "huh, that's interesting" type reactions from me (along with "why are you wearing that?!").
* New Films: Hey, look at that, new films! Thank you, Turner Classic Movie's 31 Days of Oscar! I have several more recorded, but those will have to wait for later viewing.
- Seven Brides for Seven Brothers: This was okay. The famous dancing/barn raising scene was wonderful, but the rest of the movie was just okay, IMO. I can usually accept movies as being a product of their relative time periods, but this one quite ruffled my modern "feminist notions."
- This is Cinerama: I saw How the West Was Won during last year's 31 Days of Oscar, and I quite enjoyed it. I was fascinated by the Cinerama format that it was filmed in. So when I saw this feature coming on, I decided to record it. It wasn't as informative as I hoped (less documentary, more "hey look at this pretty footage we shot"), but it was fascinating to watch. If you ever want to see the original Cypress Gardens water skiing show, this film has it.

- Fame: This was disappointing. For me, it sort of falls under, "um, okay, I guess I don't get it." Wouldn't be the first time! Another case of the performances all being quite good, but I found the overall whole somewhat lacking. It was fascinating to see Paul McCrane so very very young (and with hair!).
- The Way We Were: Another case of just okay. Everything was well done, I just didn't particularly care for it. Very slow, which I don't usually mind if it is intentional, but this seemed absurdly slow in places, and no amount of Robert Redford (who was my age in it!) could fix it. Still, I did shed a tear or two, so it couldn't have been that bad, either.
- You Were Never Lovelier: My first Rita Hayworth film! I can see why everyone liked her. Even I might have fallen in love with her just a little. I had no idea she was such a dancer! Too bad the movie tried to shoehorn in so much (mediocre) story; could really have done with quite a bit more dancing, IMO.
* Old Favorites: I introduced Luke to Singin' in the Rain, or at least part of it. He seemed to enjoy it. We caught it on TCM, and he missed Donald O'Connor's "Make 'Em Laugh," which I think he would really like, so I'll need to dig out my copy of the movie and show it to him sometime soon. Also caught Apollo 13 (one of those movies I can't not watch if I know it's on) and I, Robot.

What fun things did I do with my family and/or friends?
Um, uh, er.... well, I mean.... it was a short month! (We really need to get out more.)

What gifts did I give and/or receive?
I was utterly beyond awful this month. It was Valentine's Day, for goodness sake, and no one got anything, not even Luke! We did manage cards for Luke's grandparents and great-grandmother, but no one else. We made up for it later in the month with a new Josh Groban CD for me, and some new Skylanders for Luke.

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
More jeans for Luke, since the few pair we had from the previous year were starting to split at the knees. I also acquired *three* pair of shoes at one time, which is almost unheard of. Thanks, Mom!

What new foods, recipes, or restaurants did I try this month?
Um, uh, er.... well, I mean.... it was a short month! We didn't do so great on meal planning, either (or following meal plans even if they were established). ::sigh:: I will try to do better next month.

What Pinspirations did I try this month (besides any recipes above)?
Well, I did actually try one thing! It was a shoe tying method. YouTube video here; pin here. I could make it work, but Luke couldn't, and I didn't find it particularly speedy (though it might become so with (lots of) practice).

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
Only now that the month is over (I'm typing this on March 1) do I feel safe in saying that we didn't really have any. Yay for small miracles!!

What were my accomplishments this month?

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Another case where simply surviving was an accomplishment in and of itself. I don't recall accomplishing anything particularly spectacular. Oh, wait, I did finally type up my Disney 2012 trip, 11 months late. But it's done! And I managed *not* to devour every single box of Girl Scout cookies we bought in less than a month. In fact, we have 4 of the 6 boxes left! That is actually a huge accomplishment.

What were Luke's accomplishments this month?

Luke completed his psychoeducational evaluation. I'm waiting for the written results before saying much about it here. Nothing big, though. Luke started basketball and scored his first basket. He really seems to be enjoying it. We bought him new shoes, which were the same size as the last pair and the pair before. Dare I hope his tremendous growth is slowing down? (The part of me that has to buy him new clothes and shoes constantly hopes so; the part of me that hates being short hopes not!).

What were this month's disappointments or frustrations?
Nothing springs to mind, other than the findings of Luke's evaluation, which I will discuss in more detail when we get the written results.

Anything else noteworthy to record?
Can't think of anything.

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