Friday, June 07, 2013

Movie Muse Shorts: Oblivion, Epic, and Now You See Me

Busy week! Things just happened to work out this week to allow DH and me to see *three* movies at the theater. It's nice to actually feel like the Movie Muse again, if only for a few days.

Oblivion - I'm so glad we got to see this in the theater before it left. We really quite enjoyed it! The effect work is as stunning as everyone said, though more in the "it looked so real, I didn't even realize those were effects" way (which I find even more amazing) than in the "whoa, what a cool new effect" way. It was definitely different, which I liked. Between the two of us, we had it figured out, but neither of us had the whole story before the reveal. It certainly kept us talking and debating for a few hours after, which is usually a good sign for a movie. My one issue with it, which is probably a personal thing, is that the drones reminded me SO much of EVE from WALL-E that it was distracting. It was like EVE on steroids! Seriously, nearly every time saw them, I started snickering, because they were acting *so* much like her. Being a movie fan does have the occasional disadvantage! LOL But definitely a good movie, and I'm very glad we saw it on the big screen. Catch it there, if you can.

Epic - I knew Luke would really like it, and he did. As an adult, I just thought it was fine. Far from bad, but also far from great. It is quite beautiful, but the story was a little lacking, though I can't quite articulate *what* was lacking. I will say that I quite enjoyed Colin Farrel. He has a very fine voice and does quite good work! I never would have placed Steven Tyler. Even knowing it was him, it took me a while to figure out which voice he was doing. (I know!) I think it's a bit heavy on the scare/violence factor for younger kids. I would recommend at least age 6 or 7. We might have taken Luke to see it last year if it had been out, but definitely not before that.

Now You See Me - This movie was fun! Don't think about it too hard, just sit back and let it happen, or you'll have the whole thing figured out way too early to keep it interesting. Turn off your brain and enjoy the ride. Good actors doing what you love to watch them do in roles they could probably do in their sleep, but still a fun ensemble cast to witness. Not a big screen must see, IMO, but worth seeing nonetheless.

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