Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Not dead, just busy

Super quick recap with pictures for you to enjoy until I have more time.

Not much baseball due to rain.

Visiting with DH's brother and family in NC.

A little bit of stitching (all stitches done, but tons of beading left):

And Luke got to see his first musical (second visit to The Fox):

Hope y'all are well and that spring has finally sprung wherever you are (or fall, for my southern hemisphere friends).

Currently feeling: bouncing from one thing to the next


  1. Wow, the fairy looks awesome!! L really looks like he knows what he's doing in those baseball shots. =)

  2. First comment from me in a LONG time, I know! Great to see that you have stuck with the blog this long. I will be back to read more often. Love all the pictures!


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