Friday, July 25, 2014

When I'm Not Blogging

As most of you know, I enjoy several different hobbies and crafts. The weird thing, though, is that I tend to only do one at a time. I'll do a lot of reading for a while, then I'll pretty much stop reading and do something else, like watch movies. After doing that for a while, I'll switch to stitching. Then maybe I switch to a cooking mood. Each phase tends to last several weeks, and during that time, I pretty much ignore my other hobbies. Unfortunately, that includes blogging! (And just as sadly, a blogging phase usually lasts only a week, maybe 2 at the most.) I've tried several different things to try and prompt me to rotate hobbies more frequently or blog more often, but nothing really seems to work. Sorry about that!

I've spent most of my evenings in July doing cross stitch. Thought you might want to see some progress, since I don't have much else to show on the blog. (Prepping pictures from our trips takes so much time!)

Here is this month's progress on Titania. I've put in about 45 hours total on her.

Click to biggify.

And here is this month's progress on Adia, showing about 32 hours total.

Click to biggify.

I'm still stitching away, so look for another update on these two ladies in the July round-up (you know, if I'm back to blogging by then!).

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  1. They are both looking lovely, great progress

  2. Your ladies are looking lovely, can't wait to see your next update!


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