Sunday, December 21, 2014

Marvel Universe Live

Luke made his first visit to Philips Arena today.

So we could see Marvel Universe Live! (I wish they'd had a better sign for you to take a picture with.)

We had great seats, five rows from the floor!

And we enjoyed Dippin' Dots before the show. Luke had had them before, but it had been so long he didn't really remember.

I realized I forgot my camera not long after we left the house, but I didn't bother to go back for it because I had figured (like most shows) they would not allow photography or video. Well, turns out, they do! Darn it. So I only have a couple of rather crummy cell phone photos to show for it.

I can't say it was the best show from an adult perspective. It definitely gives me a new appreciation for the quality of the two stunt shows at Disney. Again, this wasn't bad, and given that they are working "in the round" (as opposed to the audience facing just one side of the stage at Disney) complicates matters. The kids all loved it, though, including Luke, which is all that matters.

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