Sunday, January 11, 2015

Basketball 2015

Today was our first basketball game with our new league. This is the same organization that he played baseball with in the spring.

When he played in 2013, he didn't care for the way they did things. As parents, we loved that practice and the games were on the same day (more time for homework during the week, which he needed), but that sort of defeats the point of trying to get him some exercise spread out over the course of the week.

They also didn't have dedicated teams last time. There were enough kids for 4 teams, but they just split them up randomly each week after practice to scrimmage against each other, playing two half-court games at the same time. It was fine for what we could do at the time, but this is a more "traditional" league.

Practice one night a week, games on Saturdays, practice and play with the same kids each week. There are 9 boys and 1 girl on Luke's team, including another Luke (thus why you will see Luke G on his jersey; other Luke just has Luke).

Luke's team is the Eagles (other team names are all animals, like Sharks, Bobcats, Bears, etc). They play 8 minute quarters on full court (94 ft x 50 ft; 28.65 m x 15.25 m). I think the goals are set at 9 feet (2.75 m) instead of regulation 10 feet (3 m). They also use a free throw line that is just a bit closer to the goal than standard.

He doesn't have much experience, and he doesn't know all the rules and/or nuances of the game (or the penalties, though I don't think any were called on him other than out of bounds), but he certainly seems to be having fun out there, which is all that really matters.
Currently feeling: ready to play!

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