Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tigger's Sweet Sixteen Party

Doesn't that look like a fun party? I'm so sorry we didn't invite you. We kept it a small family affair. I see a few of you are confused about whose party this is. I'm not really the Hello Kitty type, and it seems a strange choice for my husband or son, right? That's because it's not a human party. This was for Tigger!

The birthday girl!
 Yes, my cat. Why are you giving me that look? EVERY girl deserves a sweet sixteen party! Even those of the feline variety. (Hey, that's old for a cat. It's the equivalent of being over 80!)

Hello Kitty for the Princess Kitty
So what's the real story? It's about 11 weeks between my birthday (late July) and Luke's (early October). In that time, all three of us celebrate our birthdays. Yep, 3 "parties" in 11 weeks. That means 41 weeks without birthday cake. For the child who LOVES cake, that's an awfully long time to wait, so I try to find some excuse to have cake in the spring (give or take) each year. In previous years, I've done Valentine's Day cupcakes or a St. Patrick's Day cake; one of these years, we'll have an unbirthday tea party, but that was beyond my time capability this year. I wanted to do something different this year, and then I realized it would be Tigger's 16th birthday. Ding ding ding!!! We have a winner!

Full room decorations
Once I got the idea in my head, all I knew was that this party had to be PINK! Preferably fru-fru and girly, but definitely pink at a minimum. (Hey, I have a boy, this is my only chance, at least until grandkids, and even then, no guarantee.) I had originally envisioned a more classic pink princess Sweet Sixteen party, but couldn't find any decorations I really liked (especially for the money). So, when I accidentally discovered the Hello Kitty party supplies were on clearance at Target, it was just too perfect.

Zebra cake

I've always wanted to try one of those zebra cakes, to see if they are as easy as they seem. It was pretty easy, other than being hugely domed in the middle, more so than just the usual puffing from baking because you pile up the batter in the middle. I would have cut off half the cake to make it flat, so I did what I could with the icing to flatten it out (see how thick it is on the far left "corner." Gee, darn, extra icing!

Will it pass inspection?
Tigger thought it smelled yummy.

Playing with fire!
Luke really wanted to light the candles, so we let him. He did a very good job! Now all that's left is to sing happy birthday:

Being held to avoid singed whiskers
Eat, and open our party favors. Luke had never had one of the chocolate eggs with a toy inside, so when I found these, I thought he might get a kick out of it.

Is it candy? Is it a toy? It's both!
I have to say, it was really fun to have a party in the middle of the week, on a school night and everything! I don't think we want to wait 11 years for Star's 16th birthday, though! LOL We might have to do another "school day party" in the future, or at least plan some other sort of fun and unusual event. We get so wrapped up in school and homework and stuff, we sometimes forget that fun is important, too. So let's party!

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