Thursday, January 12, 2017

Project 365 - Fabulous 40 - Jan 7 to Jan 12

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  • Jan 7, 2017 - What happened to our snow? All we got was sleet and freezing rain. That's no fun.
  • Jan 8, 2017 - No, I don't have a problem, why do you ask? Yes, Zoya is my favorite brand!
  • Jan 9, 2017 - Remember, "more" is my word for 2017, and drinking water was one of the things I specifically had in mind. Two glasses with dinner tonight!
  • Jan 10, 2017 - Soooo much warmer on tonight's walk (52F/11C) than last night (38F/3C).
  • Jan 11, 2017 - I know "a sixpence in your shoe" is lucky. What about a milk ring? Apparently, Rey thought I needed it.
  • Jan 12, 2017 - I tried to shortcut one of my favorite recipes that is very time and labor intensive. It turned out okay. Still good, but not nearly as good as the real thing.

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