Friday, March 05, 2004

Work update

Thought I should post a work update while I'm thinking of it. Turns out the March 8 date the rumor mill was reporting was correct, just not for my organization. Some other poor group will have the ax fall on them that date. Our *new* rumor mill date is March 29. ::sigh:: Don't they realize I'll be 12+ weeks by then? (No, they don't, since I haven't told them yet; I've been waiting for the downsizing to be done with. ::bigger sigh::) I hope I can keep a lid on things that long. This is my first baby, and given that I'm so, uh, fluffy already, no one will notice a few extra pounds for a while (I hope). Yes, I realize there is a slight risk of them finding out by me posting it on the web, but most of the people I work with don't even have computers in their home, so the likelyhood of them stumbling on this is pretty much slim to none.

They did come by Monday and give us our bonus info. Not as much as past years, but certainly not an insignificant amount. The check should hit the day before we leave for Disney! :-) Ten minutes after handing out or bonus sheets, my boss came by to ask "If a package were to be offered in the next day or so, would you be interested in taking it?" I momentarily freaked over the "day or so" part, until I realized they couldn't process the paperwork that fast. There was a meeting with all the managers on Tuesday to "identify candidates." Our division meeting yesterday was completely unhelpful, other than to indicate that we have $25 million in capital budget left for the rest of the year. Given that 3 years ago, we spent just under $300M, that is practically nothing. Not good. His answers to useful questions like "how big will the cut be" and "when will it happen" were some of the most vague I've ever heard: "large" and "soon" respectively. Joy. I'll keep you updated.

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