Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Zombie Jamboree Returns!!!

And Rockapella still rocks! We had a great time at Saturday's concert. Rockapella comes to Atlanta every 2 years, and we have been there every time. Hopefully, we will continue to be able to attend in the coming years, because they are just wonderful. You wouldn't think that 5 men alone on stage with nothing but microphones could be that entertaining, but they are. We really enjoyed the "new guy," George. No one can replace Barry "The Bass Diety," but my chest still rattles when George hits those low notes, so I'm happy. Everyone takes turns telling stories (except Jeff, we need to get him out there chatting some) between songs, there is some great audience interaction, and to see them do what they do in person is mind-blowing.

Sure, when you listen to the CDs, you can generally accept that they are using nothing but their mouths to make all the sounds you are hearing. But it *is* a studio album, so you know there is some dubbing going on, or some sound clean-up, or a clap generator in the background (clapping to the beat, not like an audience appreciation clap or anything). On stage, nothing but mike.... it's truly impressive, particularly Jeff, the human beat box. And my favorite part of the concert is when they put down the mikes, and it's just 5 guys singing on stage, with zero technology involved. We were sitting 2/3 of the way back in the theater, and we could still hear them. It gives me chills every time.

But the best moment of the evening? The return of one of their most famous hits: "Zombie Jamboree"!! I could NOT believe it when George started doing the intro spiel. "This next song..... is about an island." Why is this significant? Skip to the end of the spoken intro: "This island called Manhattan!" It's all about New York, and there's a line in it about the "high wire zombee 'tween the World Trades." They had not performed that song since 2001, and we've seen them twice between then and this most recent time (once not in Atlanta, obviously). If the audience started calling out for it, they would immediately launch into "The Star Spangled Banner" instead. I understand their reasoning, I really do. After all, they all live in New York City. I was honestly afraid that the song would be lost forever in performance. Again, I understood, but it made me sad. It's such a great song! I missed it. And even as the song started, I almost couldn't believe it. Are they really going to sing that line? Yep, they sure did, and I think it is a wonderful tribute to New York, NY. We love you guys! Keep on singin', and we'll keep on comin'.

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