Thursday, August 19, 2004

Where has Mr. Wiggles gone?

Before I start this story, I want everyone to repeat (and believe) the following statement: everything is fine! Got it? Okay, you may continue. For anyone who gets the baby newsletter, this story is a repeat.

We had a minor baby scare on Tuesday. He had been very very active for the last week or so, virtually in constant motion. He was quiet, though still moving, on Monday. Tuesday, I realized late afternoon (naturally, around 4 pm when the doctor's office closed) that I had felt virtually no movement all day long. Called the office, and they sent me to "OB Assessment" to have fetal heartbeat and activity monitored. Took them a while to find the heartbeat (not uncommon for our uncooperative child), and he still wasn't moving much. After about an hour, they decided to use the accoustic stimulator, which is essentially a buzzer placed on my belly that provided noise and vibrations. Boy, he did NOT like that! I thought he was going to jump right out of me through my belly button. But that was the reaction they wanted, and after that (I think he decided he didn't want to go through that again), he's been moving regularly. Whew! Don't scare mommy like that again please!

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