Friday, August 13, 2004

The world's strangest favor

Probably my most embarrassing pregnancy moment to date: I had to ask someone for the world's strangest favor yesterday. I had a baby appointment, and when I came out of the office building, the person next to me in the parking lot had parked almost right on the line nearest the driver's side of my car. Granted I was a little closer to the line than normal (not exactly centered), and the parking spaces are narrow (less than a foot from tire to line if you are perfectly centered), but there was not even a foot between the sides of our vehicles. Not only could I not have gotten the door open far enough to actually get in it if I could have reached it, I couldn't even get my hips between the sides of the cars. Turning sideways did no good with this basketball sticking out front, which also prevented me from crawling through the passenger's side. ::sigh::

So I head back into the building, hoping to find someone, someone skinny enough, to help me. Thankfully, an angel was sent promptly. As I was walking in, a very nice man, roughly my age and quite slender (5'10" and 160-170), was walking out. I stopped and asked if he would mind helping me, and he said he would certainly try. When I explained the situation and what I needed him to do, he just smiled. "I'd be happy to help. I hope someone will do the same for my wife if she is ever in a similar situation." As we walk out, he asks where I am parked, and I point off to our left. "Uh-oh, I hope I'm not the idiot who parked too close!" LOL He wasn't; in fact, he was parked directly in front of me. Even he commented on how close the cars were, and even he had difficulty getting in the door (but not getting between the vehicles ::rolls eyes::). He backs it out for me, I thank him profusely, and I leave. Next time, I'm cheating to the right side of the parking space!

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