Saturday, January 29, 2005

Icy Hot-lanta

First, a quick update on my parents. They are still in possession of all four of their rims, so the bandits did not return. I forgot to ask if they went for the locking lugnuts or not. It's still one of the strangest things I've ever heard.

Next, there will be no get-together today. :( I really wanted to see everyone, but that simply won't happen in this city with over an inch of sleet in most areas. There's no way I could even get up our driveway. ::sigh:: Oh Weather Goddess Glenda, what did we do to annoy you? LOL So instead of sitting and eating all kinds of yummies and chatting and stitching, I will be making spaghetti for dinner (may as well, it takes hours to make but I have nothing else to do at the moment). Oh, and we took Luke outside to experience his first "winter weather event." See, it's the Abominable Snow Luke! :D

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