Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Christmas Miracle

Okay, so it is an extremely minor one, but it certainly warmed my heart all the same. For any of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you probably know of the great passion that DH and I share for a capella music in general, and Rockapella in particular. Well, we were in the grocery store, and what should we hear playing on the speakers but Rockapella's "Little Mary Snowflake." I was floored! I have never ever ever heard them played on any kind of radio station, and there they were. We were probably the only people there who recognized the song!

I hope it is great exposure for them. They've been making music for over 15 years now, they have had national television exposure in commercials and twice on PBS, and they're still virtually unknown in this country. (OTOH, they're huge in Japan, the way NSYNC was a few years ago here.) They really deserve some success. Perhaps some radio exposure for them, even if it's just at Christmas, will help.

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  1. I totally hope that they're going to strike it big in the US.... I love them too! And going to see them in concert tomorrow night!

  2. I saw them on an a capella special that Spike Lee produced around 15 years ago - they and everyone else were terrific!


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