Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Menu Happy Dance!

Well, after several weeks of agonizing, I finally have the Christmas week menu selected and set, and I've even made up a grocery list with items that can be bought over the next few weeks (so we don't have to spend $500 on food all in one shot a few days before Christmas). I tell you what, it's hard to come up with three meals a day for 10 days without falling back on the "boring" stuff that all of us tend to eat frequently. Granted, I slotted in a few leftovers and eat-outs (take out or dine out, as we feel like it), but it was still hard. I have at least two new meals to try, though one of them has been vouched for by my brother, which makes me feel better. Even then, I had to slot in one "usual boring" meal of Ritzy Chicken Casserole, but I needed something quick and easy for a lunch one day, and I had looked at recipes until my eyes were bugging out of my head. So, Ritzy Chicken it is!

I also ordered the last of my Christmas gifts today. Between today's spending spree (carefully planned, of course) and yesterday's mammoth trip to Best Buy, I think I only have *one* gift left to buy: Godiva chocolate for my grandmother. That is her annual gift, and while I don't think I will be getting her the usual mixed box (she's having trouble eating things that are too much effort, like caramel), I know she would be disappointed if she didn't get any. I'll probably do an assortment of their chocolate bars, since she can break off as much or as little of them as she wants at a time. Besides, the nurse keeps saying she needs to gain some weight. I know this will help! LOL

So, food is set and the gifts are set, assuming they all arrive on time. Just need to clean, wrap, and decorate. (Oh, is *that* all?) Oops, and mail gifts to distant recipients. I may yet pull this off!
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