Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lightbulb conspiracy

Apparently, the lightbulbs at our house had a meeting recently and declared last week to be "Lightbulb Burnout Week." We seemed to have one failing right after the other. Three in the computer room (out of 5; one of those candelabra looking things), two in the living room, one in our bathroom, and one in the hall. So, what did I do last weekend? I made a note of all the bulbs that were out (all different kinds and wattages, of course) and bought replacements. Came home, spent over an hour installing them (opening packages, moving the stepstool, etc), and once again, we have light!

And what happened in our bedroom just now? One of the bulbs blew! Is that one of the kinds I bought? No, of course not. Did I remember to check current inventory to make sure we had replacements for all house bulb types before I went on my shopping spree? NO! So now, we have a light out in our bedroom, and no replacement bulb. Guess I'll pick some up this weekend.
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  1. Erin-
    I completely understand about the lightbulb conspiracy! That has happened both at our home and at my office: in one week, every time I turned on the lights in my office, another bulb blew. At one point the chandelier had only 3 functioning bulbs out of 10 or 12--everything was SO dark! Thankfully at work I didn't have to replace them...but I had to wait for someone else to, which is worse. Thanks for the funny story:-)

  2. That always happens to us too! At our old house all the bulbs would burn out at the same time. So we thought maybe there was something wrong with the wiring. But once we moved, it still happens! And of course, it always happens when we don't have any bulbs.

  3. Yeah. Lightbulb conspiracy here too. Right after we moved, the bulbs started going one by one. I think at one time there were 5 gone. DH did the smart thing and bought energy saving ones in bulk.

    *I commented before, but it got eaten as I wasn't logged into beta account*

  4. They do have meetings and discuss when they should all blow. I'm convinced. I also end up having a different kind blow after I buy replacements... never fails! At least you now have LIGHT!

  5. Yep, happens to us too - must be a conspiracy I tell ya! :)


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