Monday, August 06, 2007

Just kill me now

It has been one of THOSE days. I've had a long hard week since 8 AM on Monday, and it's not even 4 PM on Monday. The new contract has hit a snag *again,* so I now have less than two weeks to make a decision that could impact my financial future for the next four months minimum, if not more for the next year. It's a "bird in the hand vs. two in the bush" situation, which I hate! Super-long story short, there was a new rule put in place that no one knew about saying that there must be a 3 month lapse between contracts if the contractor is switching business units (which I am). The problem is that who knows if her position will still be available three months from now. A big reorganization is coming, and there is no way to know right now if her new vice president will support contractors the way the old one did. So I can either extend my current contract and stay where I am (it cannot be transferred across business units) through December, understanding that there is NO funding and no way it will continue beyond that, or I can end my present contract when it is scheduled to be over on August 20, roll the dice and wait the three months, and hope the position is still available. It's not that she might fill the position, it's that they may decide to do away with that headcount in the new organizational structure if she doesn't go on and fill it.

So, I have been getting new information on the situation every 60-90 minutes throughout the day today, so I haven't even had time to just sit and let it all sink in. I have a zillion projects that I was trying to finish up before the supposed end of my current contract on August 20, not the least of which is finding out if I need to officially terminate my employment with my present contracting company, only to find out (less than two hours after learning of the 3 month waiting period snag) that my current contracting company shows that my present contract is up August 13! As in a week sooner than anyone at AT&T thinks it will be. So we have to figure out why AT&T thinks I'm working until Aug 20, but Tekmark says Aug 13, who is right, and can I work that last week (like I said I would, thus planned mammoth projects to finish then that will be *impossible* to finish in just one week!), and mostly, will I get paid if I do decide to work it!

Luke's tubes are Friday, which pretty much kills that whole day, his pre-op appointment for paperwork and whatnot is Wednesday, which kills that afternoon. Those things I knew about and had planned said projects accordingly. What I didn't know (or had forgotten (hangs head in shame)) until this past Thursday is that I also have lots of family here (in town, not at my house, thank God!) from out of town/out of state for a wedding on Saturday that I *completely* forgot about when I booked Luke's procedure for Friday, and we are trying to work out a time to see them since we won't be attending the (well after Luke's bedtime) wedding, so we need to put in an appearance at some other time, and Friday is out due to the procedure. That leaves Tues, Wed, or Thurs, and Wed is Luke's afternoon pre-op appointment, so that may be out as well. Just stressing trying to make all of that work.

The only good news I've had today is unfortunately creating another problem in and of itself. You will never in a million billion years guess who called around 3:15 this afternoon. Are you sitting down? Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Speech Therapy! They have several slots opening up in the next week or so. Each appointment will be about an hour, once a week. Here are the available slots: Tuesdays at 10 AM beginning tomorrow, Wednesdays at 11 AM beginning this week or next, and Mondays at 2 PM or Thursdays at 2 PM beginning next week. Well, let's see here. 2 PM appointments mean he will miss most of nap. Very bad thing. 11 AM appointments mean he will miss lunch *and* most of nap, an even worse thing. That leaves only the 10 AM slot on Tuesdays, beginning tomorrow. Therapy center is about 15 minutes from daycare, which is 20-25 minutes from my house. We should make it back to daycare in time for lunch and nap (a very good thing), but I need to leave to pick him up at least 45 minutes before his appointment, which would be 9:15. I usually drop him off between 7:30-8 AM, so I don't get home until around 8:30 most days (sometimes later). Is there any point in taking him to daycare Tuesday mornings, only to spend an hour max here doing work, just to have to turn around and go pick him back up? Seems a waste of time and gas. But the alternative is that I lose an entire half day of work EVERY Tuesday because we just wait at home until it is time for his speech therapy appointment. All the bosses are fine with that (current boss and maybe we'll see if we can work it out new boss), but it is just more stress to my life right now that I just really didn't need today! Yes, I am thrilled that he is finally in and we may finally be getting help. But it is hard to feel anything but more stress right now. I can't even get in touch with my current boss to tell her that I won't be in tomorrow morning! Thank goodness that my Tuesday just happened to be completely clear so accepting the appointment was not an issue (I would have cancelled any meetings, because Luke comes first, it just would have been more stress). But the reason Tuesday was clear was to work on said huge project, so that is another entire half day out of my already rapidly shrinking week to do work, not to mention all the hours I spent on the phone today (NOT working) trying to get all of this contract mess/new job mess straightened out.

And to top it all off, today is DH's birthday (he's finally turning 31, almost two weeks after I did), and I really don't want to dump all of this on him when he gets home. Which is now. I hear the garage door going up.


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  1. {{{Erin}}}

    The worst kind of stress for me is having a lot to do but not being able to make a plan because of unknown factors!! I feel your pain!


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