Monday, August 27, 2007

Ode to Teixeira

That would be Mark Teixeira, the Atlanta Braves first baseman (formerly of Georgia Tech, in case you didn't know). DH ran across this YouTube video online somewhere, and it is really quite good. I don't frequent YouTube, but I will view things that a very select group of people send me. The Mark Teixeria Song would be one of those, and it is definitely worth checking out. Funny, kooky, and ameteur, but still quite good nonetheless. You know it has to be if I am posting it here. They are getting such good press, in fact, that they have been invited to perform at Turner Field! Not bad, I'd say, for two Auburn boys.

Oh, speaking of YouTube, I can't remember if I posted this here (know I did on the BB I frequent), but DH ran across another gem on YouTube. This one is actually a series. It is based on the Mac vs PC commercials that I so love. Except it is based on another classic rivalry: Marvel vs. DC. It does help to know a little something about comic books (or at least some of the recent comic based movies), but they are funny even with only a vague understanding of the story details (remember, I don't read comics myself). Worth watching the whole series. Here is the first "episode." The first one isn't the very best (not bad, though), but the next several are very funny. Here is a link to all of this guy's work so you can find the rest of the episodes. I think that link lists them in reverse order. Hope you enjoy!

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