Monday, November 12, 2007

Dad in surgery Tuesday

Thankfully, this is not unexpected. In fact, the doctor wanted to do it much sooner, but given the amount of days he will be out of school (he teaches 8th grade math/pre-algebra), he intentionally booked it for this week so that he would only miss 4 days but have nearly two weeks off (they get the whole week of Thanksgiving). Then he will go back for only a couple of weeks before having two more weeks off for Christmas. He is having a lot of work done on his right shoulder (did I mention he is right handed?), including something about "cleaning out the joint," ligament repair, and bone grinding. Doesn't sound fun, but at least the surgery itself is not for some life-threatening issue. Still, there is risk with any surgery, so if you could spare a thought for him tomorrow, we would all appreciate it. I will be going down on Friday to help get the house ready for Thanksgiving, since Mom will be busy helping Dad.

I think he has some fascination with surgery at Thanksgiving. This is the second time in 5 years (I think?) that he has been fresh out of surgery over the week of Thanksgiving. The last time involved removal of a vertebra, fusing bones, and inserting a titanium plate in his neck because of a blown disc that was pressing on his spinal column. Thankfully, nothing quite so scary this time. Guess he's just trying to make us truly be thankful at Thanksgiving! LOL

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  1. I'll keep him in my thoughts, Erin. Hope the surgery goes well.

  2. I'll be thinking about your Dad! Hello to your whole family too.


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