Monday, November 19, 2007

Three generations, same shirt

In case anyone did not read the story in my October round-up, I am restating it here now that I have scanned the other photos of my father and brother so you can see.

See the shirt in the photos below? My grandmother made that shirt. She actually made matching ones and had photos taken of my father and his brother when my father was around age 3. As my brother neared age 3, Granny gave the shirt to my mother, so he was photographed in the same shirt. Luke is the third generation of Warren to wear this now 50-year-old shirt (I'm sure my father appreciates me pointing that out), and I fully intend to save it for his children. I'm just sorry Granny didn't get to see her only great-grandson wearing the shirt she made and kept for all those years.

My father, circa 1954:

My brother, circa 1983:

My son, October 2007:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Currently feeling: thankful for my grandmother, and missing her mightily on Thanksgiving, her 85th birthday

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  1. Awesome pictures! That is so priceless. =)


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