Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Not all treasure is silver and gold

Happy birthday, DH! He is truly a treasure in my life. But that's not really what the title refers to.

We received such treasure in the mail this week from DH's grandmother. (That would be his step-father's mother.) It arrived in a flat padded envelope, containing photographs of DH's maternal grandparents, including one of his grandmother at age 16 months, plus some additional photos of his mom as a child. And how, you might ask, did the mother of his step-father (MIL's second husband, the man DH calls "Dad," to whom MIL is no longer married) come by these photos of DH's mother's family? Simple; the mother of MIL's third ex-husband found them and dropped them off one day when she was in town. (If you kept up with all the players here, I am most impressed.) Gotta love small town Southern life, no?

But I can't knock it. Those small town values have returned treasures to us that could never be replicated. MIL hasn't been one to hold on to a lot of things in all the moves she's made. Most keepsakes like these photos have been lost or thrown out over the years by MIL herself. These photos in particular were left at her XH3's house when she moved out. XH3's mother could have just thrown them out, or XH3 himself could have. But they didn't. They valued these photos enough to make sure they got into the hands of someone who would appreciate them. And we are certainly most appreciative.

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  1. What an amazing story! (Yes, I keep up with you guys through your blog!) I'd love to borrow the photos to copy sometime if you get a chance. I enjoy all the stories on your blog about Luke and life in general. Keep blogging and come see us out here in the sticks!
    MIL's sister (Aunt Beth)

  2. What a great present! We still have to retrieve some of D's baby pics from my MIL. Happy Bday to S!


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