Sunday, January 04, 2009

2009 CD Calendar Reveal

Well, I finally got this year's CD calendar finished, but I must confess, I had to cheat this year. I did not actually make a single page of this calendar myself. They are all "quick pages," where everything was done and a blank space was left for me to pop in a photo. These were very generously made by Designs by Krista, and not only did she do all the work, but she gave these away as a freebie on her blog (that is still available, so click if interested). Thank you, Krista. You rock! And I never would have gotten a CD calendar done this year without you. (Note the December photo is from last year, not this year. Need to save this year's photos for next year's calendar, which I hope to have done *before* Christmas next year.) Here are the little ones. You can see the big ones here.

All pages from the 2009 CD Calendar Freebie by Designs by Krista.

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  1. Verrrry nice! Lucky me, I can't wait to get mine!!

  2. Erin, very cool. Thanks for sharing the link to the freebie. How do you print these for your CD calendar?

  3. Cute! I was wondering if you were making these again this year.


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