Saturday, January 10, 2009

Anatomy: A Conversation with Luke

Though probably not what you think. This was the conversation on the way home from the grocery store last night. It's a little long, and the end seems repetitive, but hang with me.

Luke: Dad, are we going home?
DH: Yes, we need to go home and put the groceries away before they get hot.
Luke: They getting hot?
DH: Yes, they are getting hot in the trunk.
Luke: Oh. I not help carry them in?
DH (puzzled): You can help carry them in if you want.
Luke: No I not. If it hot, then I get hurt and say ouchie!
DH: Oh, no, they won't be so hot you can't touch them. The cold things will just get too warm and go bad.
Luke: I be careful with hot. Kitty [speaking to his stuffed companion], you no touch hot.
DH: That's right, we don't touch hot things, or we can get hurt.
Luke: Yeah, kitty. You touch hot and you get hurt. You hurt your face...
... and your whiskers,
... and your nose,
... and your hand,
... and your belly,
... and your hiney,
... and your tag....

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  1. That's so funny! Katie has a little stuffed cat she carries around all the time too. Here's isn't a ty though - some off brand. But "Tiger" goes almost everywhere with us.


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