Thursday, August 06, 2009

Is the dentist a Sith?

Luke's first ever visit to the dentist was today. Yes, I said first ever. We somehow never managed to take him to the dentist before now, even though they recommend a dentist visit around age 1. We were intending to take him in September, after the "hurry up and get it in before school starts" frenzy died down, but before his pediatrician visit in October. (I didn't want to have to tell her for another year that he had not been to the dentist!) Then we found out that a dental exam is required to start Pre-K! Oops. So I scrambled around to find a good pediatric dentist and make an appointment. I finally just had to basically pick one out of the phone book (off the internet, actually) and hope. I figured we could get his paper signed for school, and if we really didn't like the dentist, then we could look around for a new one right after.

I had heard terrible stories about kids freaking out at the dentist. Screaming and crying and papoose boards and all sorts of nightmares. Given that he had never been to the dentist, and I'm not sure we do the best job of brushing his teeth, I was terrified at what the results would be. The last thing in the world I wanted was for Luke to be punished for something I did (or rather, did not do). Luke even got a little nervous at one point. I apologize to anyone who has not seen Star Wars: The Clone Wars, because this next little exchange won't make any sense. I had been describing it to Luke as "The Tooth Doctor," but I realized I should probably use the correct term: dentist. Luke looked at me with wide eyes. "Ventress?" (She's a "bad guy" with dual light sabers.) No, honey, dentist. The dentist is a good guy. He helps your teeth stay strong and healthy. But yes, on the inside, I was fearing something along the lines of Darth Dentius! LOL

I needn't have worried. Dr. Powell and all of his medical staff are wonderful! The waiting area is very pleasant, with plenty for kids to do. They have a couple of couches, some video game units, a mini theater showing a movie, a gigantic fish tank (is that a requirement now, after Finding Nemo?), and this little room that houses the LEGO table. Note the seat:

I had already downloaded and completed the forms. We did have to wait, but our appointment was at 11:30, and I knew they were basically trying to fit us in, so that was okay. I didn't find the front office staff overly friendly (though not rude), but everyone else was exceptional. I was invited into the back area, but they asked that I wait on the bench near by while they did the x-rays and the initial exam. Luke was not frightened at all and did just fine with both. He did get a little concerned when the hygienist was showing him the dental toothbrush. "Will it hurt?" Nope, it won't hurt at all, she said. And then he was fine. Come on, they were showing The Incredibles on the wall-mounted televisions. How bad could it be?

Dr. Powell spoke with me while the hygienist cleaned. He said that everything looked great! Luke has all of his teeth that he should have to this point, the x-rays are clear (no cavities!), and his teeth are really quite clean (I could hear the "considering he's never been to the dentist" hanging in the air, but he never actually said it out loud). His bite looks good, and there is plenty of room for his adult teeth to come in. Dr. Powell also absolutely could not believe that it was Luke's first ever visit to the dentist. "He's pretty fearless, isn't he?" That he is.

They don't do the panoramic x-ray that shows the full jaw and all of the adult teeth below the surface until a child turns 5 years old, so we'll know more about his orthodontic future at the next visit. Given that DH and I each had braces for 4+ years, we are expecting no less for Luke. Maybe he'll get really lucky and have no wisdom teeth like my father! Hey, a mom can hope. Upon leaving, each child can select a sticker, a toothbrush, and a toy. Should I be concerned that he chose a Penny (from Bolt) sticker and a Dora (not Diego, Dora!) toothbrush? LOL He did pick an alligator toy, though. As we left, he turned to me and said, "Mommy, I love this place! I want to come back again." From a mom's perspective, I'd say that's a hard recommendation to beat.

Happy birthday, hubby, your son has good teeth!

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  1. Darth Dentius! So funny. =) I'm thrilled Luke had a great first visit to the dentist. That will be a good step for his future appointments. My dd is 10 and gets so excited when it is teeth cleaning time. She loves, loves, loves visiting our dentist. Hope Luke has many, cavity free years to come!


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