Monday, August 10, 2009

An Official Pre-K Kid!

How on earth did this happen? I have an official Pre-K kid on my hands. Everyone has asked me if it was hard on either of us today. No, not really. His daycare center offers Pre-K as well, so we just let him stay there. No sense in upsetting the routine if we don't have to. He was assigned to the Pre-K B class, and we also already know that teacher. She used to be in the Twos room back when Luke was. I didn't realize until recently that she had moved to teaching Pre-K. I'm sure it made things easier on Luke that he already knew Ms. Faye. Of course, there are pictures.

In front of the Pre-K B classroom door:

Even with Ms. Faye there, he was looking a little nervous about being in that room instead of in Ms. Crystal's class.

He took a little stroll around the room, since it had been completely redone since the last time he was in there (sometimes during the summer, if the classes were small enough, they would combine in the Pre-K room). He seemed to like what he saw.

And before I left, I had to put his name on his official first day of school nametag. He looks so grown up! I'm sure I won't think so a year from now, but it is so hard to imagine him being older than he is right now. It's just amazing.

Currently feeling: what happened to my baby?


  1. I remember when Scarlett went to Pre K. It was tougher on me than on her. I was upset at leaving my baby, and she was just, "yeah mom, you can go now, I'm busy!"


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