Saturday, January 09, 2010

Lost: Cayman the Turtle

Uncle Jacob brought Luke an adorable little turtle from Cayman Islands. Naturally, we named him Cayman, and he has accompanied Luke most everywhere for the past 2 weeks. I personally didn't like it. Cayman was too small, about the size of a baseball, but L loved him. Had I considered the difficulty with replacing him, I would have put my foot down, but it's too late now.

I mentioned that we went to the mall yesterday despite the snow and ice. Cayman went with us, but he seems to have gotten lost as we were leaving. We know we had him when Luke zipped his coat so that we could leave (DH had to hold him), but we didn't have him when we got home. Apparently, Luke put him down in the seat next to his booster seat on the outside (the door side). We were all freezing cold and hurrying, and we think he got knocked out of the car as Luke got in. We realized it as soon as we got home. Of course, looked all over the inside and outside of the car, but found nothing. DH even went back to the mall. With the weather so bad, few people going in and out. Our space still empty, and the cars on either side of our empty space were still the same. He looked under 3-4 cars to the left and right of where we had been, as well as 6-8 cars on connecting row, plus several cars on the rows front and back. He backtracked our route and checked with lost and found. Nothing.

Luke and DH went back Saturday late morning, in case Cayman got turned in after hours, but it wasn't there. DH said that the lady at Lost and Found was about as upset as Luke. I'm just upset that we lost him in only 2 weeks, and there is just no way to get another one (no one I know is going there any time soon; I've asked). I know Luke has plenty of toys, but this is the first one he's really lost (as opposed to the one that got eaten), and he is terribly upset. We just hope someone saw him in the parking lot, picked him up, and took him home to a little boy or little girl who will love him and take good care of him.

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