Friday, January 08, 2010

Snow Day 2010

Good heavens, it is freezing out there! I mean that quite literally. It has been below freezing for days now, and it is expected to be below freezing for many more. That just doesn't happen here!! It has also snowed on all that now-chilled concrete and asphalt. We only got 1/2 inch (1.5-ish cm) at house, which is a terrible amount of snow to have. It was more than enough to make it dangerous to drive, but not enough to really be any fun outside. DH took L to daycare (about a mile away) this morning anyway, since we live so very close and I still had to work. Thankfully, our driveway is very gently sloped, so it was fine. We also take a major roadway to get there, which was pretty clear of ice. In fact, the most dangerous point was getting in and out of the daycare driveway.

Around Noon, DH and I tried to go out to lunch (heading the opposite way, away from daycare on some more back road type streets). We got just over a mile down the road, watched 3 or 4 cars in various stages of *not* making it up a hill, and turned around and came back. We hit the McDonalds on the main road near daycare instead (hot chocolate, yum!). We did make it to the mall for dinner, after more of the road had cleared during the afternoon, but it was still quite icy getting in and out of the car. It's not expected to be above freezing for several more days yet, and the ice and snow should actually stay on the ground for a while, which is extremely rare around here. I'm really not looking forward to it! At least the weekend is coming up, so we don't have to get out and about.

(Edited to add: Luke's name and the year stayed there for 5 days after I took this picture! I didn't realize that the deck does not get much sun, so even though the yard started to melt, the snow on the deck stayed and stayed.)

Currently feeling: not much; too numb with cold!

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