Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Politeness: A Conversation With Luke

Homework Instructions: Use the words on each bag to make an asking sentence. Write each sentence. (Example: fun did have you)

Bonus Box: On the back of this paper, write a telling sentence to answer one of the questions above.

Upon finishing the first part:

DH: Okay, which question do you want to answer?
Luke: The first one.
DH: So the question is: "Did you have fun?" What is your answer?
Luke: No.
Me: You need to answer with more than just yes or no. The directions say to write a "telling sentence." Use more words.
DH: So, Luke, "Did you have fun?"
Luke: No.
DH: No... what?
Luke: No sir!

Currently feeling: at least he is well mannered

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