Saturday, June 25, 2011

Elbow Update: All Is Well

Wanted to give a quick update that Luke's elbow is fine. He hasn't complained of any pain at all today, and he is moving it like nothing ever happened. As I mentioned to a friend via email, if it hadn't been for a nearly identical injury where he did break his arm, and his nearly identical behavior, I wouldn't have taken him unless it was still bothering him the next day. But it was like having a flashback to that moment almost 4 years ago, and I just couldn't risk it, especially knowing it could have fractured through a growth plate and affected the bone growth in his right arm for the rest of his life. Definitely worth the money to know it is okay. Going to the pediatrician wouldn't have helped; they can't do x-rays there. When I called them last time, they said if I even think it might be broken, I should go straight to the ER, so that's what I did. Possibly an overreaction, but one grounded in previous experience. But he's fine today, and that should be the end of it. Thank you all for your love and concern!

P.S. Where the heck did June go?! How is it the 25th already?

Currently feeling: glad it wasn't any worse

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  1. ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry. One time Nate was skateboarding and hurt his hand. Hubby rubbed it and said it's ok....I got home, took him to the Dr and yup, it was broken! Also, one time he was complaining of his stomach hurting, he hadn't been feeling good for a few days. We let it go on for awhile and finally he came to us crying. Took him to the ER and it was his appendix. Luckily we caught it before it burst, but emergency surgery on New Years Eve! So, SO glad Luke's wasn't broken - you did the right thing!! Thinking of you also during the job situation. Any news or update you can share yet??


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