Saturday, June 04, 2011

Snaggletooth Luke

The moment we have all been waiting *months* for has finally come. Luke's top right center tooth finally turned loose last night while he was brushing his teeth before bed. It started officially wiggling in mid-March! It was loose but clearly not ready to come out all through April and into the beginning of May. For the last 2-3 weeks, though, I kept thinking "today is the day," and it just never was.

Finally this evening, I hear "tooth alert! tooth alert!" from the bathroom. He literally brushed it out. It was bleeding slightly, so we got him cleaned up and the tooth safely rinsed, wrapped the tooth in a paper towel, and stuck it in his pillow, which is now hanging on the foot of his bed. He was all smiles as he climbed under the covers! LOL I believe the Tooth Fairy had change left over from breakfast on Friday, so Luke should be a happy little boy in the morning.

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  1. Way to go Luke - Lia (can't write that without having a Star Wars moment - the official Greek spelling of her name would be Leia LOL) lost her first top one on Sunday morning. Unfortunately she managed to drop hers down the sink!


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