Friday, April 13, 2012

Riding the Bus Home

This is Luke getting *off* the school bus at home for the first time. He's ridden the bus almost every day to school since he started Kindergarten in August 2010, but he's gone to after care at Kindercare on their own bus. He had attended that Kindercare nearly every day since September of 2006, over five and a half years. The director there has become a close personal friend of mine. We miss everyone there terribly, but I really think the break will be good for Luke. (He'll be attending their summer camp program once school is out, at least on a part time basis, so it's not like we'll be gone forever; really just a few weeks).

He's been riding the bus home for a week now, and so far, he absolutely *loves* it! We even discovered that a classmate of his lives in our neighborhood. We didn't know that before now because this friend doesn't ride the bus in the mornings, only in the afternoon. The friend and his mom even stopped by on Wednesday to invite us over to play next week. I'm embarrassed to say that this may be his first ever official play date. Amazing how things have changed in just a few short weeks.
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