Thursday, December 06, 2012

Angry Birds Star Wars

Are you sitting down? Until today, I had never played Angry Birds before. I don't mean the Star Wars version. I mean I had never played any form of Angry birds at all. I know! I don't usually follow the trends just to follow them. If it interests me, sure, I'll try it. (Like my recent nail polish kick.) But if it doesn't interest me? I'll probably never get around to it, no matter how popular it is.

But come now, this is a Star Wars something. I *have* to try it, right? Especially when I'm spending 20-30 minutes at a time, waiting for a spreadsheet to recalculate. I can't touch the computer to do anything; no email, no nothing. And there's only so much web surfing I can do on my phone (screen too small, takes too long to load, etc.). I'd played Solitaire until I was sick of it, so I needed something new.

It's pretty fun, I'll give them that. It actually reminds me of the Wii's Boom Blox in many respects. Frustrating at times, but fun nonetheless. I'm playing the free version right now. If someone wants to convince me of the merits of the pay version, I'll consider it, but I'm perfectly happy with the free one at the moment. Just like in LEGO Star Wars, my favorite character/ability is Han with his blaster. I'm much more effective with it than I am with a light saber. I know I'm having some trouble grasping some of the nuances of the game, like what a laser bolt will bounce off of vs what it will destroy. And I'm having a heck of a time getting the hang of Kenobi's force ability. But overall, I'm quite enjoying myself.

Do you play Angry Birds? What is your favorite version? Are they substantially different or mostly the same (just different "decorations")? Any other games I should check out?
Currently feeling: somewhat strong with the force, but trying to get stronger!

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  1. Marcus says his favourite of all in Bad Piggies, but it depends which Angry Birds is his favourite.

    If there's a new upgrade for normal Angry Birds, then that's it.

    If a new level comes out on Angry Birds Seasons, then it's Angry Birds Seasons.

    But other times it's probably Angry Birds Star Wars.


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