Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas 2012 To Do List

Sorry there haven't been many updates this month. We've been very very busy! I seem to be adding things to my to do list faster than I'm knocking them off (note: the list above is just a representative sample). I did come to the realization a few days ago that everything will not get done, and I'm (mostly) okay with that. A few things are getting done: decorating, crafting (L is doing a great job with the gifts he is making, but I can't share those on the blog yet), and working. I cannot believe how much less I get done going into the office instead of working at home. It is staggering. Really didn't think it would make *that* much difference, but it does.

House is (mostly) decorated, tree in living room (still never undecorated from last year or the year before), working on stockings (long story), Christmas cards done. Finished shopping for three people, still two people to go (for whom I have essentially nothing; so hard to buy for!). This coming week starts the food cycle, and then people will be here on Friday! Are you ready?

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