Sunday, January 06, 2013

Strumming Along

My aunt and cousin are visiting from New Mexico. We had a big family get together at my uncle's house, though my mom ended up not coming because she has "office plague" and was still in the "wishing she was dead" phase of the illness when they should have been on the road (she sounded truly dreadful on the phone Friday). I was terrible and didn't get many photos taken while I was there, except when my cousin (who is actually closer to Luke's age (11 year difference) than mine (17 year difference)) was showing Luke some tricks on the guitar. Luke had never handled a guitar before; I think he's in love. Thanks, Tyler, for being so patient with him!

Tyler also writes and records his own music. You can hear his latest single on Spotify and iTunes:

A Wanderer's Song, by August (iTunes link)

Currently feeling: the joy of music

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