Friday, November 28, 2014

Dominoes: The Fifth Generation

Happy Thanksgiving! We were having such a good time that we took almost zero pictures. Except this one, because it is a truly historic moment.

We taught Luke how to play dominoes this weekend (for points, or in this family, for blood!). We broke him in easy on the double sixes, but he's ready for the double nines next time around after scoring 20 points twice in the same hand!

These green dominoes are a family heirloom from the late 1930s. Luke is now at least the fifth generation of Warren to play with them. Many a Thanksgiving was spent gathered around my grandparents' table (this very same table, for a few years), playing dominoes for hours. We're very proud to be carrying on the tradition.

I hope your Thanksgiving was also full of family, food, and fun!
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