Thursday, April 30, 2015


This is why I love my friends so very much. The following is a slightly edited Facebook conversation transcript, with names changed to protect the "medical privacy" of the victims. In case anyone considers it relevant, all participants in this conversation are female.

Me: I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with Marvelitis. I believe Joss Whedon has developed a treatment for it that involves viewing sequenced images on a giant screen for approximately 3 hours. They are expecting a large outbreak, so they will be treating patients en masse at the movie theater. I think he can squeeze me in for an appointment on Friday afternoon. I'm sure I'll be feeling much better afterwards, though I expect an annual relapse during the first week in May for several years to come. Anyone else showing symptoms? #‎AvengersAssemble‬
LF: Um, yes. We are making plans to stop on our way to DC this weekend to catch the movie! #obsessedmuch #didisquealduringagentsofshieldthisweek #yesyesyes
AW: Yes!!! Sadly I have to delay my Joss treatment until Sunday due to being in CA an extra day for work.
Me: An extra 2 days of suffering? Hang tough!
AW: I suspect multiple treatments may be needed this month
AWC: Saturday afternoon with my boys. EP has Grad Bash on Friday night and has been warned to be up and dressed by 2.
WC: Yes, me too. My appointment is shared with 12 of my friends and will be next Friday at 4 pm.
Me: Unfortunately, as a contractor, I don't get sick days. Thus I have to be very careful so that I can afford (the time for) screen treatments for various ailments (like Jurassicitis) I anticipate having this summer. Consequently, repeat treatments are generally out of my (time) budget. Weekends are also typically out due to my chronic condition called "child." ::sigh:: L does already suffer from Marvelitis, but he is currently too young for treatments. He should qualify in the next year or two, though, which will make scheduling future treatments much easier. (I might be having a little too much fun with this! LOL)
JC: I have a similar chronic condition that is preventing me from seeking treatment at this time. I'm concerned because I think not being about to get treatment this weekend will prevent me from being about to watch a program about the inflection that helps with my symptoms.
Me: We were in the same boat last year, JC. We could not continue with our weekly low dose home remedies because it took us either 3 or 4 weeks to have our full Captain-flavored treatment. It was torture watching them pile up on the DVR!
JL: It's a pandemic. Massive breakouts here as well. Which reminds me, I need to go make our group appointment.
AS: I've got the shakes regarding this. Unfortunately, with other things barring my ability to resolve this situation (because I could resolve it around 7:30 this evening, if I didn't have to bake 5 quarts of cookie dough for something tomorrow evening), I won't have a cure until Saturday morning.
MS: We are planning on Friday night or Sunday, depending on how awful Friday is at work.
JC: We are actually thinking of crossing state lines to be able to get our treatment sooner. But driving 1.5 hrs one way seems a bit much for dealing with our chronic condition.
Me: Depends on the severity of your symptoms.
CP: Alas, I know not when I may schedule an appointment for treatment. This weekend is filled with construction related tasks. Next weekend is consumed with moving children from college to their summer endeavors. And the weekend after that, I shall be in Vegas at a work conference. This puts me on a four-week delay for treatment. I may not survive. Pray for my recovery.
AS: We shall have to all watch multiple times to make up for CP not being able to see it for awhile, and hope that the soothing vibes of our treatment reach her.
VK: Agents of SHIELD is making me regret our decision to see it next weekend instead of this weekend...
JL: Sounds to me like JC has an advanced case. Drastic measures must be taken to ensure her safety.
Me: For those who cannot seek immediate relief, we shall pray to the Allfather in Asgard that the strength of Thor will sustain you until you receive proper treatment. (I was trying to get Stan Lee and/or Jack Kirby in there, but I couldn't make it work. I guess I could have gone with "The Creator.")
LH: I have it !! I have been trying to keep it at bay by watching everything in order.
KS: I am scheduled for treatment with my boyfriend for date night on Saturday.
KW: I will be waiting until Sunday for treatment. Wedding shower at lunch then a little horse race in Kentucky will occupy my Saturday.
Me: By the way, this just proves what I've always known. I have the best friends EVER! Thank you all for playing along.
BB: DH and I had our appointment this evening. We are feeling much better now.
LK: Isn't it nice to know the disease and the cure?
BB: Warning. One of the side affects of early treatment is anxiety while you wait for others to get treatment so you can discuss it.
Me: Truth!

Currently feeling: in need of treatment

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