Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Goal Against Former Friends

Luke hasn't scored many goals in the last 2-3 years of playing soccer. Other kids are more aggressive and want/take the ball, and generally speaking, Luke prefers to play defender anyway. I know he didn't score at all last year, and he may not have scored the year before either. (Remember, we only play one season now in the fall.)

So, we were *very* proud when he scored a goal at today's game. (Not a great shot, but this is one of his team mates congratulating him on his goal.)

Not only that, but it was the first goal of the game and against our former teammates. You don't usually see the other team's coach congratulating your team members, but our former Coach A knows that he doesn't score often, and he was so proud of Luke! This is Luke and his friend D "fighting" for the ball, with our former coach A on the right in the back.

And our coach honored him with the Player of the Game card, something he also rarely receives. Way to go!! So, Luke scored, his friend D scored for the other team, and we ended the game tied 2-2. That was the perfect way to end the game against our friends.

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