Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Soccer Team for 2015

I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. After 5 years with the same soccer team, our former coach could no longer volunteer his time as head coach. Luke, the coach's son D, and J have been playing together since their first Kindergarten U-6 season, and we added C after the first year. Four boys together for 4-5 years.

We started U-6 under a different coach, but when Coach A took over the team 3 years ago, he kept as many of the original boys as he could. He will remain an assistant coach, combining with another team (who we used to scrimmage against for practice once a week), but there isn't room for all of the boys on both teams, and I'm sure the new coach's own team came first.

We miss our friends. It's going to be hard when we have to play them; D will obviously be on the team, and I think J is also on the combined team. I think we play them for either the second or third game. It will be wonderful to see our friends, but bittersweet as well.

We like our new coach (who actually lives in our neighborhood!) and our new team, but most of the boys are 6th graders. In fact, in the picture above, Luke is the only 5th grader visible (there is another one behind the officials on the right). Therefore, all of the other boys except for Luke and his classmate will move up a league next year, and we will once again be "teamless." (Also, notice his height compared to the others! LOL He's standing a bit closer to the camera, but only a couple of feet. He's in the top third in height for our team.)

In other news, we've moved up to the U-12 league, which also means moving up a field size. I think we're at half the size of a regulation field now. The problem is that we still practice on the previous size field, so they aren't really getting to practice running the full length of the field. They were dying today at our first game!
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