Saturday, February 11, 2017

Project 365 - Fabulous 40 - Feb 6 to Feb 11

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  • Feb 6, 2017 - Pretty flowers on my walk today.
  • Feb 7, 2017 - Scout Rank achieved! Next up: Tenderfoot.
  • Feb 8, 2017 - We really enjoy the show Timeless. I hope it makes it to a second season.
  • Feb 9, 2017 - My middle finger touched the oven rack today. Owie, owie, owie!!
  • Feb 10, 2017 -  Pretty sunset sky tonight.
  • Feb 11, 2017 - Luke loves to eat outside, but it's usually too hot, too cold, or too pollinated! But Grub Burger Bar has a very nice covered porch, and it was unusually warm on this February afternoon, so burgers (and chicken fingers) outside it is!

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