Friday, December 05, 2003

Ho, Ho, Buzz?

This falls into the "now why didn't *I* think of that" category. You know those really long lines you have to wait in to see Santa at the mall? Well, I'm betting the people who have to live with the complaints came up with this brilliant idea: Santa Pagers. It works just like a restaurant: you walk up, you give your name, they give you an approximate wait time and a pager. You are then free to wander around the mall, waiting for your pager to go off. Once it does, just show up and see Santa. Finally someone got some sense!

Now if they could just bring the prices down to something more reasonable. I thought about my best friend and me having our picture made with Santa my last year in college, but when I checked the prices, I nearly choked! It was like $50 for not too many pictures. I just couldn't believe it. If it still costs that much, I may just have to do without Santa pictures for my future children. I was always crying in mine anyway (and we have the photos to prove it). We'll see. Somehow, I have a hunch that when my little boy or girl looks at me and asks to go see ol' Mr. Kringle, I'll just have to say yes (especially if they inherit DH's brown eyes). ::sigh:: God makes them cute for a reason, and they sure do know it! LOL

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