Tuesday, December 23, 2003

My Christmas Wish for You

A few years ago, I found the best Christmas cards. They had the most awesome poem on them, and I saved one of the cards to use the poem later. I have used it over and over, and I just love the sentiment. I won't be blogging much the next several days. I'll be spending time with my family. But I wanted to leave you with best wishes for very happy holidays (whichever ones you celebrate) and a wonderful new year.

Believe in Christmas Magic
Believe in Ancient Lore
Believe in a hundred impossible things
The New Year may hold in store

Believe in Heavenly Angels
In Santas and Elves by the score
Believe in a hundred impossible things
In Flying Reindeer and more

Believe in a Babe in a manger
In Wise Men and gifts galore
Believe in a million impossible things
You've never believed before

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