Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Is Christmas over? Did I miss it?

Apparently, since the Christmas selling season begins earlier and earlier, then the end of the season should also begin earlier. This year, there were Christmas decorations up/for sale beginning in mid-late October. Guess I shouldn't be surprised that it's all on sale for 30-50% off on December 15. That just seems so sad! I remember when the stores were full of Christmas stuff right up through Christmas Eve. Everything was always so festive! Now it all looks picked over, like it's the Day After Christmas Sale, and it's barely the middle of the month. Now the KFC can't complain! I'm a little late to the Christmas spirit this year, and finding everything on sale (if picked over) as far as decorations are concerned is great for the wallet. It's just a little depressing to the spirit.

At least my wreath looks festive (made with some of those half-off items) and my mantle is cheery with stockings and such. Like my Christmas Tree Pooh? That's as close as I'm getting to a tree this year. No point in putting one up if we won't be here to enjoy it. Too much feline temptation, me thinks. Ah well, we'll have our own tree one day, once the kids arrive. Until then, we'll be treeless.

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