Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Snow!! It's snowing!!

I drove to work this morning in the snow! How exciting!!! We're in no danger of having it stick, otherwise I would have stayed home. This beach girl doesn't drive in snow if there is even the *slightest* chance of it sticking or making the roads icy. It's just been too warm lately for any of that to be a possibility. Now I'm sure several of you are wondering what the heck the big deal is. Most of you probably wouldn't have even considered it snow, just flurries (which, I guess, it really was). I know some of you drive with snow on the ground and roads most every winter day.

It doesn't work that way in Atlanta. We just don't have the equipment or the know-how to handle it. It simply doesn't snow often enough. They usually cancel school at the first sign of flurries (no joke) if they think the ground is cold enough for it to stick. There is almost always a run on the grocery store for bread, milk, eggs, batteries, and water. If snow sticks to the ground, everyone is almost in a panic. If it starts sticking to the roads, the entire city shuts down, no joke. We just can't handle it. Give us 120% humidity and 110 degrees any day, but no snow. So to actually be out driving in it was quite the novelty. And I didn't even panic. Yay me! LOL

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