Friday, September 24, 2004

Abstract art, a.k.a. new ultrasound picture

Here he is! Can you see his face? Chin on the left, forhead on the right, upper half of the pic.

Current baby status: Head down (with feet pounding my ribs!), spine against my left side, head pressing *quite* well on my pelvis, making walking, and even sitting, rather difficult at times. Estimated weight: 8 lbs 7 oz. EEK!

Current me status: Urine looks clear of protein, weight has stabalized, blood pressure is back down to 130/68. Yay! We're hoping it was more of a fluke than true pre-eclampsia signs. So, no more bed rest, though I still have to "take it easy." (But I'm guessing they say that to *any* woman 38 weeks pregnant!) Also, no further talk of induction, at least not until my next appointment (Sept 30). They want to give me as much time as possible to get as well as possible before introducing a baby into the mix. This of course assumes he doesn't decide to come on his own.

Current bronchitis status: Still hanging around, but I am feeling better (relatively speaking). Coughing is more congested, but considerably less frequent. Nose is still rather runny, but slowly getting better. My right ear is stopped up, which is driving me batty!! Breathing is easier, overall. But to me, the real sign of improvement is that I *feel* much better. Certainly more alert and focused than I have been for almost a week now. So let's hope I continue to improve.

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